Words of warning about wild animals

With the temperatures rising, wild animals could be coming to your house looking for shelter and shade. It is important for us to reach out to children and give them information about animal safety.

Animals come in different shapes and sizes and there are a few things that children should know.

Jackie Grigg, Lee County Animal Control officer, is at this event "trying to teach them animal safety. What to do and dont do when approached by an aggressive dog and not to mess with the wild animals that are coming up into the yards."

If a stray animal wanders into your yard, what should you do?

Shikira Thomas, a Lee County Elementary School student, learned that "you're not supposed to mess with them. You are supposed to call an animal shelter or a person who knows about pets and that works at a pet place."

But, it's just a cute, little puppy. Why can't I bring it in my house to play with it?

"Dogs could have rabies and they can bite you and you could get hurt," according to another student, Tio Cheshire.

Not all animals are friendly because they wag thier tails, whether it is a dog or whatever kind of animal. It could be a racoon in the wildlife, it may not be a dog or a cat and they could bite them.

Take the time to teach your children so that if a wild animal approaches them, they know what to do.