Women pack a punch against predators

Women were taught that being mentally prepared is the key to self defense / Sarah Bleau

Women at Albany State University were dressed down in sweats and sneakers to put their fists up in self defense.

ASU students received a lesson in women's self-defense Wednesday evening.

While ladies did receive hands on training, trainers with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office told them the key to not being a victim is being mentally prepared. They say defense techniques need to be second nature to women in case something does happen.

"It's important that they have a plan when they step out of the building, when they approach their vehicle. If they've already thought that through and they have a plan on how to react in case something happens they'll be a lot better off," says Deputy Mark Farley.

They say one important thing to remember is be organized when walking out of buildings and walking to your car. Trainers say do not carry many bags and have car keys out of purses or pockets before walking out the door.

The trainers say women are preyed on most often because predators believe they are weak.

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