Women fight cancer with a fork at Health Conference

One of the shirts created for the conference. / Allen Carter

Women of Southwest Georgia were served lunch and free health care Saturday.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital put on their annual Women's Health Conference, offering free cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and BMI screenings.

They also brought out dietitian and author Zonya Foco to talk about this year's theme; Fighting Cancer with a Fork.

"At first thought, you think, I can't do this, it costs too much money. But if you just take that 20 or 30 bucks that we spend in the snack isle and you move it over to the produce isle. The produce isle really is the snack isle. And by doing that your fighting cancer, your fighting diabetes, your fighting heart disease, but you're not spending a dime more," said Foco.

Phoebe officials say they treated more than 500 women at this year's health conference.