Women brave needle and knife for beauty

Woman getting Botox treatment.

In today's fast changing society, women are finding ways to hold on to their youth while maturing. Some women use shopping as a quick pick me up but after that new dress gets old, the temporary boost of youthful essence is gone. This is when women consider the needle and knife.

"Plastic surgery is not just for the rich and famous anymore," said cosmetic surgeon Dr. Walter Erhardt.

A survey released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) revealed over 60 percent of mothers said they would consider a "mommy makeover" if cost were not an issue.

And those who can afford the makeovers are going forward to get them. Studies show these procedures have more than doubled over the past decade.

"Having babies puts a little bit of wear and tare on the tummy and breast area," said Dr. Erhardt, "So a lot of time we'll do a breast lift to add volume and do a tummy tuck as well."

Some women go ahead and get a little Botox as well. According to the ASPS, the number of Botox procedures have increased by over 15 hundred percent in the last decade.

Julia Temples is the owner of the Envy clothing store in Albany, Georgia. She said she see some women come in after having a nip/tuck done. As store owner, she said she makes it her duty to help them find something suitable for their new look.

While these makeover procedures are on the rise, doctors still warn patients of the risk.

"Surgery is a trade off. In the world, we never get anything for nothing. What the patient needs to make sure is they get a good trade," said Dr. Erhardt.

He said people need to consider the risks they are taking when going under the knife. Some of those include recovery time and life-long scars. The doctor said that although cosmetic surgery is becoming less taboo, people should realize that it's not as simple as popping in and getting your hair done or getting a pair of shoes.

He said the cost of beauty could mean a life-long payment.

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