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      Woman lives in fear of neighborhood dogs

      Lane Luke told FOX 31, â??Iâ??m scared. When I looked out the window and saw what happened, I couldnâ??t believe it.â??

      FOX 31 dug a little deeper after a viewer called and told us she TMs living in fear. Lane Luke told FOX 31, I TMm scared. When I looked out the window and saw what happened, I couldn TMt believe it.Luke is talking about the day her husband was bit by a neighborhood dog, the dog jumped up on him, knocked him down, he hit a concrete block, fell back on his left hip and the dog bit him on the hand.Her husband was bit April 9th and the bite left a scar. She says this isn TMt the first time dogs have wandered into her yard causing trouble. She said she doesn TMt understand why it TMs happening and also says she TMs called animal control.FOX 31 also spoke to the director of animal control, Regenia Wells, who couldn TMt talk about the specific case but did encourage Luke to call again saying they respond to every single call. Last month they had 391 calls and responded to all of them.If you find yourself in a situation where you can TMt get to a phone to call animal control Wells says, Don TMt run. Do not run. If they come at you get down in the fetal position and put your hands over your face so they can TMt get to that area. Just get down.Tift County also has an ordinance that says your dog needs to be on a cable, in a pen, or on a leash at all times.