Woman gets Mohawk to beat cancer

Vickie Stephens and grandchildren.

A woman determined to beat cancer hit the salon to get a rainbow hued hair do.

Vickie Stephens is a member of the "Flock of Gulls", a relay team that raises money for the American Cancer Society.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in May, she decided that the disease would not get the best of her.

So when she noticed her hair falling out, she rounded up her family and friends to chop it off into a Mohawk, paint it blue for ovarian cancer, and rainbow the top.

Mimi, as her beloved grandchildren call her, said a special person inspired her change.

"I was going to match my grandson. He made straight A's this year in school and so his mom let him get a Mohawk," said Vickie Stephens, "So I decided Mimi needed to get a Mohawk when Ethan did so that we can get our picture made."

After leaving Fusion Salon on Hugh Street in Leesburg, Stephens went out to dinner with her family.