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      Woman fights to reduce crime in neighborhood

      A South Albany neighborhood is trying to cut crime in their area. Neighbors say once the sun goes down, it's pitch black because they have no lights in the area.

      Ingrid Wilcox is fed up. She wants something to be done about the people wandering through her neighborhood at the Cove at Southlake apartments on Hickory Lane. She feels the issue is that there are no lights in the area.

      "We've had twelve cars in a run of maybe one night," Wilcox said. "We've had 12 cars vandalized. My car was one of those where they threw a brick through the window."

      She goes every week to a Stop The Violence meeting doing everything she can to step up patrol in the area which she says has worked.

      Wilcox says the only source of light they have is the light at June Bug's Grocery on the corner of Oakridge Drive and South Madison. She says once they close for the day, all lights are out.

      "These are things that have gone up to our management corporation which is out of Alabama and so far we have security back but no other issues that have been addressed," Wilcox said.

      FOX 31 tried calling that corporation, Vantage Management in Huntsville, but couldn't get an answer.

      We were told the property manager wasn't in and to leave the property.

      Commissioner Tommie Postell says something needs to be done to stop the teenagers from coming through.

      "That needs to be eliminated where people can't have access to go back and forth from over there through this property," Postell said.

      Postell says Vantage Management had an agreement with the city and Vantage proposed a gated community but in the end, that's not what they delivered.

      "Some of the people out here are holding them to the proposal and not their lease agreement," he said.

      Commissioner Postell says he will do what he can to help them come up with a way to keep unwanted people out.