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      Woman fights abusive boyfriend with fire

      Allegedly, she set fire to a basket of magazines and newspapers

      Albany police and firefighters responded to a bizarre fire Tuesday evening at 955 South Street.

      They say a woman in her 60's claimed she was being assaulted by her live-in boyfriend.

      After scalding him with hot water while he slept, she also allegedly stabbed him with a steak fork.

      The man then barricaded himself in a bedroom.

      She pulled a basket full of magazines to the base of the door and lit them off. And he broke a window and flew out of the window, says Sam Harris, an arson investigator with the Albany Fire Department.

      Both made it safely out of the house.

      They estimate the fire to have caused $1,000 worth of damage.The boyfriend is recovering at a burn center in Augusta while the girlfriend is in the Dougherty County Jail charged with aggravated assault and battery. Additional charges are pending.