Winn-Dixie on Oakridge to close

Winn-Dixie has confirmed that the store is closing but not date was given.
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FOX 31 has received multiple inquiries from Albany residents saying they heard that the Winn-Dixie supermarket on Oakridge was shutting down.

We reached out to Winn-Dixie and they have confirmed that the store is closing but no date was given.

Below is the response issued from the company:

Business conditions occasionally force companies like ours to make tough strategic changes and decisions that have an adverse affect on our valued Winn-Dixie team members. We are working diligently to ensure that all of our team members affected by these decisions are treated with dignity and respect, and team members are encouraged to apply for other positions within the company before the store closes or their release date. At this time the exact date of the store closure has not been confirmed or announced.

FOX 31 will continue to monitor the status of the store and provide updates when available.

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