Wild hogs cause major headache for local farmers

HogSWAT takes care of wild hogs on farms at no charge to farmers. / Sean Streicher

In the Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know how big of a problem wild hogs are in the area.

According to the experts at HogSWAT, hogs are a huge problem causing thousands of dollars in damage to farms by tearing up the crops.

Last year, HogSWAT took down over 600 hogs all at no expense to the farmer; "we pay for it by charging hunters, all they need to bring is a flashlight and a cooler. Once they knock their hogs down, we pull the back straps, hams and shoulders off and put it in the cooler," explained Hal Shouse, the owner of HogSWAT.

HogSWAT also sells specialty equipment to farmers to help them protect their own land from unwanted guests.

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