'Widespread' abuse by DCSS HR Director

Human resources director Tracy Williams was fired by the Dougherty County School System four months ago. But she was rehired and given a second chance, just two weeks later.

But Monday she appeared to have run out of chances.

"Dr. Murfree recommended to the board that this lady be terminated and subsequently there was a vote of 5-1 and one abstention," said School Board Chairman James Bush.

Right now the Dougherty County School System is trying to combat bullying in their schools. They say the problem with Williams is she, the head of human resources, was bullying and intimidating co-workers.

"It was widespread in my opinion. Personally I got complaints from countless people," said Bush.

Fox 31 news obtained a letter from the school system attorney written last week. It recommends the termination of Williams, saying she had repeatedly overstepped her bounds handling employment matters for the school system.

"There were some independent decisions by her to terminate or demote employees of things that really have to be done by the board," said School System Attorney Tommy Coleman.

"No one can fire people except the board. No one can recommend hiring people or moving people to another location or another location or another department except the superintendent," said Bush.

This alleged activity took place over several years. Even though Williams had been fired before, board members say they had to bring her back on because it wasn't handled correctly. The school board wanted to make sure they weren't open to a lawsuit by firing her.

"They are at will. You can terminate them for reasons or for no reason at all. As long as you don't discriminate against them for being in a protected class. Which there is no hint of that here," said Colman.

Bush said school administration hopes to work quickly to find a replacement for Williams.