Why the long wait for red lights?

Traffic light on Slappey Blvd. / Jessica Fairley

For some, the worst part about their daily commute is waiting for long lights.

For FOX 31's Facebook story of the day people wanted to know how traffic light times are determined.

Albany lights are synchronized based on the amount of traffic flowing in each direction.

For instance, in one day there are 33,000 cars travelling down Slappey Blvd. versus the 8,000 on Broad Ave.

The Albany Traffic Control Center monitors lights to give more time to the side of street that has a greater traffic volume.

"They actually count the number of cars moving through an intersection, the number of cars that make left or right turns and then they figure traffic cycle lengths to move those cars through the intersections," says Ken Breedlove, Signal Engineer for the City of Albany.

Albany lights are currently synchronized from information gained during the 2008 traffic study.

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