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      Why finding relief from the heat in the water may not be safe

      The summer weather has already hit Southwest Georgia and many kids are looking to find relief from the heat in the pools and rivers, but some health experts say they should use caution before taking the plunge into the cold water.

      While the sun makes for a humid day, it hasn TMt had enough time to heat up the water, and someone jumping in may get a shock that could lead to something more serious like hypothermia, which happens when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it.

      Dougherty County EMS Paramedic Supervisor Steve Ebel says the main thing to do is supervise all kids around water to make sure they TMre not spending too long a time in it and you can monitor their behavior. If a child starts to shiver, tell them to take a break from the water before it leads to something more serious.

      Albany Boy TMs and Girl TMs Club Pool Supervisor Bobby Chico Savage says he advises his staff to keep a close eye on kids to make sure they TMre not exhibiting any behavior that would show they TMre uncomfortable. If they start shivering or have goose bumps, Savage says his staff brings them out to warm up before allowing them to continue to play,

      Although Savage's pool is empty for repairs, he says the water they'll use to fill the olympic-sized space will be fresh water, which is extremely cold.

      Officials with the Public Health Department say it TMs important to follow these steps to make sure children, who already have a lower immune system, don TMt get sick.

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