Who tends to the county's dead trees?

A pine tree in southwest Georgia. / Jessica Fairley

For FOX 31's Facebook story of the day people wanted to know if Albany and Dougherty County removes dead trees if they are on their property.

According to officials at Dougherty County Public Works, if calls come into 311 or public works to report a dead tree, they'll go out and inspect the area.

If the tree is alive, officials will then call in an arborist to dictate whether it should be taken down or simply altered.

"If it's an emergency, of course we'll respond quickly. If it's not in any danger of falling in the road or falling on somebody else's property off of our property, it will be a lower priority," said Larry Cook, Dougherty County Public Works Director.

Cook says when the calls come into 311; they're mandated by the county to follow up with the complaints.