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      Whistleblower actions compared to HIPAA violation

      Dougherty County school officials are still in negotiations with a teacher dubbed as the 'whistleblower' in a grade changing scandal at Westover High School.Last week, the principal of Westover High School was penalized with a dock in his pay while school officials say are working out details of how to handle the case of Kevin Fretwell.Some people are wondering why Fretwell may face a harsher penalty.Tommy Coleman, Lawyer for the school system, says Kevin Fretwell broke the Family Education Privacy Rights Act by releasing student names and grades to the media.They say it's a very serious matter when you disclose a student's records because they're private.How would you feel if the hospital or your doctor held a press conference and said well she's got this that and the other. She's got some illnesses and what medicine she's taking. It's the same thing for educators, said Tommy Coleman, Dougherty County School System Attorney.Coleman says the school system should come to an agreement on the future of Fretwell within the next two days.

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