Where will you be on Small Business Saturday?

At small businesses, you get more one-on-one attention / Ashley Knight

There's black Friday and cyber Monday when you can usually find shoppers at the big box retailers. But small business Saturday is tucked in between.

"You cannot beat the customer service and just the family friendly feel that you get with a small business," says Honey Bolton.

Honey Bolton is a manager at Place On The Point. It's filled with unique gifts for men, women and children.

"We have the luxury of being able to have a lot of different things, it's not 25,000 of the same thing, we have a large variety."

And in a small business, you're treated like family.

"In this business, we know people's families, we know their friends, we know their likes, their dislikes," adds Bolton.

A true success story is building a faithful customer base. Penny Schneider shops at Tommy Mc's Produce.

"I've lived here nine years and when I found Tommy Mc's, I thought, omigoodness, what have I been missing all these years? No place can get you the service like you get at Tommy's, you ask him something and he replies. I mean, I couldn't live without him!" says Schneider.

And after the holiday shopping and all the cooking, you really need to pamper yourself, so why not try Lime Light Nail Design and get the works?

"Cooking and cleaning and getting ready for company and your feet are hurting and it's good to take some time for yourself so you can catch a breath and continue!" says Anita Lime-Sims.

Lime-Sims is the owner of Lime Light and loves the Small Business Saturday campaign.

"Well, I love it because sometimes we're struggling out here being a small business."

Be sure to check into your favorite small business Saturday and you just may catch a deal.