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      Where are kids drinking or do parents already know?

      As teenagers cross over the milestone of their graduation and prom, celebrations are bound to happen, but what are the limitations on celebrating?

      Parents are prone to through parties for their children, but what they allow in their home can make all the difference, especially when it comes to the choice of alcohol.

      Albany parent Leon Scott is a parent of two boys ages 28 and 14. He says he TMs all for celebration but alcohol is a big no. He adds while his kids are growing up and even today his alcohol is locked away and says the proper age for drinking probably shouldn TMt even be 21.

      However not all parents are like Scott. According to, a website dedicated to advancing alcohol responsibility, 71 percent of underage kids nationally say they drink at a party with no parents, 61 percent of kids say they drink at their friend TMs home with no parents and 43 percent say they drink at party when the parents are home.

      District Attorney Greg Edwards says parents who are caught with giving other children alcohol could land in some serious trouble. He said, It can be up to a $1,000 fine or misdemeanor charge per child you give alcohol to that TMs not your own.

      Edwards adds there can also be a civil liability involved if the underage drinkers were to wander of and do damage somewhere else.

      Lastly he says it TMs a better choice to celebrate with a soda.