Where are juveniles getting guns?

Georgia law states that you can't own a handgun if you are under the age of 21

Last Tuesday 19-year-old Gerald Robinson was arrested for murder. He allegedly shot his 17-year-old friend to death. But according to the law he shouldn't have had a gun in the first place.

"Georgia law states that you can't own a handgun if you are under the age of 21," said Jason Sheffield, owner of Dawson Pawn in Albany.

Sheffield says he knows there are a lot of ways that people, juveniles in particular, get their hands on firearms.

"They're not legitimately getting these guns. They are getting these guns from other avenues. Whether it is parents that are irresponsible, leaving them out, also through theft, burglaries. A lot of gang members, I think that is how a lot of them get their guns."

Albany police officers say they see a lot of teens with handguns.

"From the cases I have worked in the past I've had children say to me I've purchased a weapon on the streets," said Albany police detective Charlie Roberts.

The black market is also an option for people with criminal records.

"The only people that buy them legally are the decent people, the people that can buy guns. If a person has a felony or a violence charge they can't purchase a gun legally," said Sheffield.

If a juvenile is caught in possession of an illegal gun there can be jail time.

"First offense of that is a misdemeanor. The second subsequent offense is considered a felony, punishable by up to a $5000 fine or 3 years or both," said Roberts.