When you see wildlife, who are you going to call?

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

Wildlife is seen more often in the summer months, but when are animals seen as a nuisance?

FOX 31 spoke with Wildlife Biologist John Denton with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources who says they receive about 12-20 phone calls a day. With 10 people covering 29 counties he says logistically they can't respond to every case. Additionally, he says people misunderstand when it's appropriate to call Georgia DNR.

Denton says it's a case by case basis. Southwest Georgia is a habitat for wildlife, and when people aren't use to seeing them, they tend to call in. It's normal to see alligators, foxes, and geese in Southwest Georgia. He says they usually aren't bothering anyone and if an alligator is large, it's usually because people are unintentionally feeding them by tossing away food scraps.

With geese, he doesn't consider removal unless there is plethora. He says in a case a couple of years ago he removed around 200 geese from one area and put them in a natural habitat.

Currently in Lee County on Huntington Street there are a number of geese who live near a lake and although resident Eugene Daniel says they're annoying, add he adds it's their home.

Daniel said, "there are about 25 to 30 here, and they've been here since I have in 2006. They cross the roads, they get on my yard, and they poop a lot." Denton says that's still not grounds for removal.

He adds feeding wildlife or leaving food out for them to access is also big no.