When will Albany celebrate Halloween?

Costume winner at the Halloween Trails. / Jessica Fairley

In FOX 31's Facebook story of the day you wanted to know exactly which day the city of Albany will celebrate Halloween?

According to city officials all of the trick or treating should be done on Halloween.

In the past when the day fell on a Sunday, the city moved the celebration. Since the day falls during the week this year, there won't be any changes.

Many families celebrated the holiday Friday night at 'The Halloween Trails' sponsored by the Thronateeska Heritage Center.

The Albany Police Department also had a table at the event, gearing up for Pumpkin Patrol.

"Officers in each of the districts that are assigned to those cars will be doing patrolling. They'll have candy in their car and people will recognize the cars because they will be decorated very scary," says Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department Public Information Officer.

On Halloween APD will assign three patrol cars to each district.

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