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      Wheelchair racers oil wheels for Snickers Marathon

      As people stopped by the Hilton Garden Inn to sign up for the Snickers Marathon, FOX 31 caught up with three race participants who have a very unique story.

      Paul Erway, Grant Berthiaume, and Aaron Roux have made a commitment to complete 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks.

      This tour is to raise funds that will be donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation for spinal cord research.

      Among these three men are four different accidents that have bound them to wheelchairs. Grant Berthiaume says he fell off of a roof while on his construction job. Aaron Roux, a veteran, was visiting home from his marine job when he broke his neck in a motorcycle crash and Paul Erway says he wasn TMt awake when his accident happened.

      I was sleeping in the backseat during a double date. I wasn't wearing a seat belt. There was no seatbelt law in 1980 and so it was just a freak accident changed my life drastically, said Paul Erway, marathon racer number 583.

      He says years after that crash he had a wheelchair racing accident where he suffered multiple broken bones and severe burns.

      Through all of the tragedy, the men have turned their fate into positivity.

      Even though you do have a disability you can come back from it and do something great, said Paul Erway.

      The men are oiling up their wheels for the Snickers Marathon, stop number eight on their year long journey.

      It's really great to have two of my best friends racing with me and we're going to eventually compete together at the end of these races but tomorrow I TMm putting the hammer down on these guys, said Grant Berthiaume, marathon racer number 2.

      For him, it's a friendly competition that's not only going to raise funds for the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation but maybe inspire others with a disability to get active.

      A marathon is 26.2 miles and it's a goal for a lot of people just to do one in their lifetime and to do 50 and have a disability, it show that anyone can do it, said Aaron Roux, marathon racer number seven.

      Aaron Roux, a marine veteran, says all you have to do is try.