What's Right winner, Haley West

What's Right winner, Haley West honored Steven Sutton just one month ago. / Matt Prichard

In our final "What's Right" story, we spotlight Haley West for the incredible work she did honoring Lance Corporal Steven Sutton just one month ago.

"You know when Phillip won American Idol, every store in town just came together and had huge support for him, they had signs everywhere for him saying, go Phillip we support you, I've just never seen our community come together like that. It was awesome to see for him, but I felt we should show the same honor and respect for Steve as well," said Haley West.

With that West began calling local businesses and asking them to change their company signs from congratulations, to honoring the fallen hero. Soon after that, plans began to line the procession route and follow this brave hero to his final resting place.

"It was just overwhelming, that is the only word to use. The silence, you know there were hundreds, thousands of people out there and as the precession came along, everybody just got quiet. Everybody had their hands over their heart. It was breathtaking and emotional, amazing, but heartbreaking at the same time," said West.

Although west will not take credit for the incredible response from the community, she is obviously focusing on, "what's right" by honoring our fallen heroes around the country.