What's Right Winner: Dawson Main Street Theatre

Hundreds of votes from around Southwest Georgia declared Main Street Theatre in Dawson the top organization!

The Main Street Theatre was founded in 1998 and the manager, Rhonda Gordon says they offer a lot more than meets the eye. "In a small town you try to make it as versatile as you possibly can so that you can do everything in one location. So that was kind of our goal when we were planning the theatre and what we wanted to do with it and what we wanted the impact to be" says Gordon.

Main Street Theatre offer dance classes including ballet, jazz, and hip hop that have yearly recitals, piano classes, kickboxing classes, a dinner theater, the main stage for major plays, and more. They even invite other artists and entertainers to perform on their stage.

A commercial kitchen helps them cater business meetings that rent out their space or provide a treat during dinner theater programs. "We always say that we like to get people in, feed 'em well and make them laugh. So that's part of the fun of being able to come to Terrell County" says Gordon.

In addition to being an artistic outlet Main Street Theatre also helps stimulate the Terrell County economy. "Last year alone we had 62% of the people who attended our events were from out of town so it's a great economic impact for our community" says Gordon.

If you're not already impressed here's one more fact that may raise your eyebrows. Main Street Theatre only has one employee! The diverse facility is overwhelmingly run with volunteers who believe in offering opportunities in the arts to Terrell County, and that's why they were voted "What's Right" in Southwest Georgia.

For more information click here or call 229-995-5329.

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