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      What's missing from several Dougherty County roads?

      Several roads and neighborhoods in Dougherty County are without sidewalks; something that residents say could make the county a lot safer.

      FOX 31 spoke to several citizens of the county who said they think their would be less pedestrians hit by cars if there were more sidewalks. One road mentioned was Slappey Boulevard; a father said he would never allow his 10-year-old daughter to walk down that road because there aren't any sidewalks and she would be forced to walk in the road.

      One resident however said if the taxpayers would have to fund the sidewalks, he thinks the county can do without them.

      FOX 31 reached out to city officials with Dougherty County Public Works and the city manager's office who said they couldn't discuss the matter because it's being brought up in Tuesday's County Commission meeting.

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