What your child should know if they get lost

It's a conversation every parent should have with there child. Knowing what their child do in the event that they go missing.


It's a conversation every parent should have with their child.

What should a child do in the event they ever get lost?

The National Crime Prevention Council lists three important things parents should do or tell their child.

Number One: Always carry a current photo of your child.

Number Two: Dress your kid in bright colors to make sure they're easy to spot.

Number Three: If you're on vacation make sure the child knows the name and address of the place you are staying.

Major Keith Houston with the Lee County Sheriff's Office says, "if they get misplaced from the parent they need to stay in that area, they don't need to run off any further, just stay right there and that way whoever the childs with they can back track where they've been to and be able to located the child."

He adds that you should also tell your child to remain in open areas and to remain visible to the public.

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