What would you do?

Albany is known as the Good Life City, but just how good is it?

Every person in Albany has a different opinion on how good the city actually is. Some say that Albany isn't that bad where others say, they prefer to stay away from certain areas altogether.

If someone was stranded on the side of the road, what would you do? Would it matter if they were on the east side or west?

Fox 31 put you to the test.

We were stranded on the side of the road in both the west side and east side.

Many that pulled over to help said they would stop every time because if they were ever in the same predicament, they would hope that you would too, no matter what side of the town it is. Others though, don't even slow down to stop because they feel that people cannot be trusted and they wouldn't want to put themselves in a dangerous situation. Crime runs rampant throughout all of Albany no matter what side you are on.

Ed Reese say's that the crime is 'bad, it ain't gonna get better...not in the near future." But for most, the east side is not as bad as people think it is, the stigma comes from rumors they hear about what is going on.

When put to the test, you stopped to help on both the east and west side. After spending more than an hour on both sides of town, it seems like help is in every corner of the Good Life City. Mike Williams sums it up best, "I don't know if the west side is the best, it doesn't matter what side you woulda been on, I woulda helped because you're a female stranded on the side of the road".

Would you have done the same?