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      What to pack in your hurricane emergency kit

      Weather experts are predicting as many as eight hurricanes this season. It starts June 1, but there TMs already storms forming in the Atlantic Ocean.

      Emergency Preparedness Director Julie Miller says get your emergency hurricane kit ready now to save time later. She says to pack water, nonperishable food, medications you take, batteries, flashlights, a weather radio, first aid kit, and any other essentials specific to your family.

      If you buy maybe a pack of batteries this week and then two weeks later head to the grocery again, get a couple cans of nonperishable food items.

      Once you have your emergency kit together, the next step is to get a communication plan like signing up for Code Red or talking with your family about what to do if a hurricane hits.

      You watch the National Weather Service. You watch the local weather, news, and media, said Dougherty County Emergency Management Director Jim Vaught. You have the Code Red capability to notify you. Hopefully you have a weather radio or a measure that keeps you well informed.

      Vaught says they TMre already watching storm activity. They TMre also holding a class Thursday and Friday for emergency response teams to get ready for hurricane season.

      You really need to be prepared. If you don TMt have to use it, great! But the odds are eventually a storm will come through our area. We know it, southwest Georgia. We TMve lived it.

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