What if sixth graders ran the city?

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard speaks to sixth graders at Merry Acres Middle School. / Sean Streicher

If I were mayor I would make it illegal to work on Monday's; apparently the sixth graders at Merry Acres Middle school are slightly more mature then me and said they would tackle real issues facing the city of Albany.

Students like Olivia Higgins who said she would make sure the Ray Charles statue was kept clean "when people come and they go see it they'll be like, 'oh it's so pretty' and wants to come back some day."

Over 30 sixth graders at the school participated in the 'if I were Mayor' essay contest.

Alexia Waters wrote that she noticed the police driving around new cars, and said she would shop around for a cheaper model to save money, "cause some people are living on the streets, and are homeless, and don't have good jobs because money is wasted on things that are not very important."

During the question and answer session with Albany's Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, Parker Guerra asked her if anything was being done to bring new restaurants downtown.

He feels it's important to bring new restaurants in, "because of the economy, we need more entrepreneurs to get the GDP up."

Mayor Hubbard said after reading the essays and talking with the students she was happily surprised to see how in tuned the kids are with what's going on in the community. "I read every one of those essays and it was amazing to me how they talked about the same issues that we raffle and grapple with everyday in those commission meetings."

Several of these sixth graders said they hope to one day run for Mayor, fortunately for all you Politian out there, there's still six or seven years until they're old enough to do so, but after that you better watch out.

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