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      What happens when you report an erratic driver?

      Officials always ask that drivers be mindful of others and report any suspicious activity on the roads in order to keep them safe, but how far does a law enforcement agency take those claims?

      Georgia State Patrol Trooper Daniel Joiner says if a call comes in of a reckless driver, they TMll be dispatched to the area to be on the lookout for the tag number in order to make contact with the driver.

      We TMll stop that vehicle and investigate further and advise them why we TMre stopping them, that we TMve had calls and complaints by other motorists about their reckless driving or texting or whatever it may happen to be and then we TMll do a further investigation, said Joiner.

      During the investigation an officer will then decide whether to issue a citation or not and say it TMs important for other drivers to report erratic driving because those drivers are usually the ones to cause the accidents that hurt others.

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