What happened to the Broad Avenue Bridge?

Not much is left where the Broad Avenue bridge once stood. / Jessica Fairley

After years of debates on how to use the structure and months of deconstruction, the old Broad Avenue Bridge is now deconstructed.

Demolition on the project began back in November.

"The contractor, PCL Construction, they plan on taking out the temporary construction bridge that they used to remove the arches on the old bridge. That'll be accomplished by the end of the week," said Bruce Maples, Albany Director of Engineering.

Although the old structure has fallen, there will soon be signs of a new bridge.

"They have been working on some of the underground stuff that no one can see. They have had cranes and cramming stuff down into the ground that will help hold the new bridge," said Aaron Blair, Albany Asst. City Manager.

The underground pillars of the new bridge are set in place.

Albany's assistant city manager says the completed bridge will alleviate heavy traffic flowing over the Oglethorpe Bridge while providing more sidewalk space for walkers.

"The accessibility for walking traffic is going to be much nicer on the new bridge and the decorative street lights will be a definite enhancement," said Aaron Blair.

The new bridge is set to, once again, bring traffic through the heart of the city. Downtown development officials say hopefully this will benefit business owners.

In addition to better traffic flow, the bridge will allow for recreational use of the Flint River.

"The old bridge had pillars down in the water, so the new one will be free standing. The whole river will be available now for canoes and kayakers. It'll be fully accessible now which will be an added feature for our two launch sites," said Aaron Blair.

While city officials have plans for what the new bridge could bring, these plans in the making are years away.

The bridge is set to be completed within three years.