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      What does the Marine Depot Maintenance Command do?

      Over the next few months Fox 31 will show you how the Marine Depot Maintenance Command supports the Marine Corps.

      The Marine Depot Maintenance Command exists to support the war fighters needs when it comes to repairing ground equipment like guns and large vehicles. MDMC has a command in Barstow California to support the west coast and one in Albany Georgia to support the east coast. MDMC Commander Col. Jeffrey Hooks says they fix all kinds of items. M1, A1, main battle tanks all the way down to pistols, rifles, and machine guns, computer cards, circuit cards for our communication equipment for the different communication systems says Hooks.

      When you walk through the doors, you'll find all kinds of employees like general mechanics all the way to degree carrying engineers. The $200 million dollar salary payroll pays off when you realize they generate $470 million dollars of revenue year. And even though they're located at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, not everyone is an active duty Marine. About 98% of the command is a civilian DOD workforce. That workforce here and in Barstow produces about 16,000 end items a year says Hooks.

      Over the next few months we TMre going to take you through every process so you get a clear understanding of what they do and how important it is to the Marine Corps. We're going to show you the induction of one of our major end items, an assault amphibious vehicle from the point of induction through the maintenance cycle all the way through the point where we re-issue it to the Marine Corps for their operational use says Hooks.

      Make sure to tune in weekly to see the new series 'Community Supports War fighter' to better understand how they support Marines worldwide and the work they do right here in southwest Georgia. Leaders say the command has strong local community ties and they TMre always looking for ways to foster the relationship with the Dougherty County area.