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      What does it take to keep Flint River clean?

      Every year 75 to 100 volunteers join with the organization Keeping Albany Dougherty Beautiful to roll up their sleeves and pant legs to clean Flint River.

      Judy Bowles with Keeping Albany Dougherty Beautiful says we have people go up the river walk and pick up the banks of the flint |we pull out tires out we have pulled toilets, washing machine, car parts, guns I mean everything you can imagine. Although many volunteer for this process it does cost money to help to take out what the rain and residents throw into the river.

      Executive Director with the Flint Riverkeepers, Gordon Rogers, says, 3,000 to 5,000 dollars invested in each clean up in kind services as well as the money local organizations spend and what Flint River Keeper spends. Which according to Rogers comes up to an estimated average cost of $50, 000 a year with the ten to 15 clean-ups scheduled for the entire river.

      Bowles says 825 pounds of debris was pulled out last year in the Keep Albany Dougherty Flint River clean up. Both Bowles and Rogers hope that people will become more environment conscious and help keep this landmark beautiful.

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