What does being Coroner mean to Michael Fowler?

Michael Fowler introduces himself to community members. / Todd Bailey

This year voters will go to the polls and select who they want as the Dougherty County Coroner.

Michael Fowler says he has enough experience to become the next Coroner.

I've traveled all around the country doing disasters. The World Trade Center,The Tsunami ,The Haiti Incident, Katrina, Rita. I did both floods in Dougherty County. I'm involved with the community when it comes down to dealing with death," Fowler.

Michael Fowler says being coroner is more than just signing a death certificate.

"Understanding what the grief process is and understanding the passion that you need to have with someone, and to me if you have experienced that yourself, then you can kind of relate when it someone else that's had the loss in their family too but you need to have that,"Fowler.

Fowler has a mentor program called SOLACE which stands for Stretching Out Loving, Arms, Creating, Encouragement. It's that program where he met Dwayne Hudley and helped him and his family through a death.

He has an excellent character. He is a humble man, he a great worker in the community," said Hudley.

If Fowler was elected he says he would be dedicated to help fight crime.

"If it's a homicide case we can go ahead and get it done, so my experience my training and my knowledge that I have I feel I can help speed that process up," said Fowler.

Fowler received the the coveted Mortician of the Year award from the Georgia Funeral Service Practitioners Association Sunday evening. This puts him in the running for the statewide Mortician of the Year award whose winner will be announced at a later date.