What are the concerns in your community?

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

The Jackson heights community in Albany is trying to revive their neighborhood watch.

Bobby Coleman, Ward II City Commissioner, was there as a former President of the Neighborhood Watch. Coleman said, "I'm here today to tell the neighborhood watch is a good safety mechanism for the community."

Coleman says it can beautify the community and it can also reduce crime in the community. In the meeting he talked about; safety, community clean-up and events for kids and the neighborhood to participate in in the future.

One resident James Edwards says he agrees about beautifying the neighborhood, especially since there is an empty lot next to his home full of weeds and trash.

Edwards added more patrol would be nice since the school across the street from him, Jackson Heights Elementary, is always getting robbed.

Coleman hopes for a bigger turn out to get the neighborhood watch back up and running and the next meeting is on April 19th.

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