WG&L to join Gas Authority next week

The Water, Gas, and Light Commission board met Thursday morning and heard from representatives at the Muncipal Gas Authority of Georgia.

The City Commission voted late last year to approve an agreement between W,G&L and the Municipal Gas Authority.

The Commission will become a member of the Authority after the Authority board meets for a vote January 22.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says W,G&L will become a member effective March 1. The Gas Authority is the largest non-profit natural gas joint action agency in the country. It serves mostly members in Georgia but also Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida.

The Gas Authority says it manages members' capacity on a daily basis to maximize reliability and minimize the cost of natural gas.

The representatives were there to discuss any calendar and fiscal year issues with the board, who the Authority's other partners are in the state, and to explain more about the Authority.

Hubbard says for current gas customers, this could prevent rate increases. She says the number of natural gas users could increase as well as the community learns about the benefits of using natural gas.