WG&L employees don't welcome holiday surprise

WG&L Finance Director John Vansant at a meeting earlier in 2012. / File

Water, Gas, and Light employees who have direct deposit set up to their accounts received an unwelcome Thanksgiving present Wednesday morning.

According to WG&L Finance Director John Vansant, an employee not too familiar with the system the use for payroll debited the amount of the paychecks from employee accounts instead of crediting.

Vansant said they are working with Security Bank and trust along with other local banks by taking an employee roster and trying to fix the issue in person and by attempting to rectify the problem electronically as well.

The fixes to the account would normally update tomorrow, but due to the holiday, the fix to the accounts will not hit until Friday morning, but Vansant said everything should be fixed Wednesday.

Vansant adds that any employee that suffers a bounced check fee or any other infraction to their account due to the payroll error will have their situation rectified.

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