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      WGL discusses security lights and gas policies

      The Water, Gas and Light Board of Commissioner held a meeting Thursday morning to discuss new changes in Albany.Firstly, WGL has a new policy that will give commercial businesses the option to purchase natural gas monthly for $550.00 a month. The minimum usage in order to get this fixed price is 50,000 Dekatherms per year; which means1000 cubic feet per unit.However, the gas service may be interrupted and if that happens, WGL can give as much notice as four hours and customers must maintain an alternative fuel source on standby.Next the discussion included the possibility of new security lights for residents and businesses. Jimmy Norman with WGL says the new LED lights would use one-third less energy than typical lights and require lower maintenance. With these new lights the cost would be about $18.00 a month, with a three year contract, and the city would pay for installation.Norman adds this was the first staff recommendation and other lights will be presented to the board. The lights will continue to be discussed in the next board meeting.Mayor Dorothy Hubbard showed excitement for the new changes and the possibility of using these lights in Albany.

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