WG&L committee talks monthly budgets and Taylor

Photo Credit: Courtney Highfield

The Water, Gas and Light Commission held their second meeting of 2013 Thursday morning.

Most of the meeting was spent discussing finances with John Vansant, the Director of Fiscal Affairs. Vansant first went over the November and December financial with the board and then moved to discussing the benchmarks and reporting year 2011.

Vansant told the board that due to the mild weather Albany has seen for the past few months, they haven't met their projected monthly budgets for light. However, the board is okay when it comes to the water budget.

Vansant doesn't expect the numbers for light to be much better for January, again due to the mild weather. November and March are typically the worst months when it comes to satisfying the budget amount but Vansant says the past few months have looked the same.

After the board discussed finances they moved to a discussion about the position of Interim General Manager. They officially approved James Taylor, the current City Manager, to take this position and announced the position will commence February 16th.

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