WG&L commission $2.1 million below budget

Photo Credit: File

The Water Gas and Light Commission held a meeting Thursday morning to discuss their January budget.

According to John Vansant the director of Financial Affairs they aren't meeting their monthly projected budget because of the fair weather. They usually make the most money in the winter because those tend to be the coldest months but this year didn't turn out how they expected.

Vansant also said that he feels confident the board will make up for the lost money by the end of the year.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said January's numbers do frighten her and she said the board will have to find ways to make cuts in order to make up for the lost money. Hubbard said the community should not be worried about rates increasing though.

At the meeting Vansant also presented a survey that showed how other cities in Georgia handle how much money a person should put down for a deposit and what determines that number. Currently Albany's Water Gas and Light Commission has the lowest deposit and board members discussed possibly raising the amount.

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