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      Westover students graduate before completing high school

      Westover High School 9th grade students are graduating fours years before their commencement date.

      The class of 2016 is making this milestone as a way to stay motivated to finish high school.

      Students took a pledge promising to study hard, remain in school and achieve their graduation goal.

      Miss ASU, Asia Cook, spoke to the students about achieving success.

      I TMm going to go over my experience at Albany State University and how making sure that I did what I needed to do in high school got me to where I am today, said Asia Cook.

      ASU TMs Mr. Royal Gentleman, Charles Benford, also addressed the crowd of graduates.

      You can't expect to do everything at the last minute and be as successful as you would if you started at the beginning of your freshman year. So that's why it's so important to talk to them the 9th grade year, said Charles Benford.

      At the end of the ceremony students signed a graduation gown to seal their promise.

      This is the 4th year that Westover High School has held a graduation ceremony for 9th graders.