West Town students try on different careers

A note left on the white board announcing the speakers. / Romney Smith

Firefighters, policemen, lawyers, sports coaches, cosmetologists and more were on hand to share what their job is like on a daily basis with West Town Elementary School students.

One major focus was connecting education to the speakers' current career.

Career Day parent facilitator Juanita Reid says the school celebrates 'Career Day' to expose students to various career options now while students are young and still energized about learning. "What they're learning in school, the reading, the writing, everythingâ| they're learning the basics in school so they can apply it to their careers. So it's important that they pay attention today in class because you never knowâ| what they learn today they may actually get paid for tomorrow" says Reid.

Fox 31 News would like to thank West Town for inviting Kerri Copello and Romney Smith to come out and speak to three different classes about journalism, how we put together a newscast, and weather!