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      West Broad businesses busted into by burglars

      At least four business were vandalized or broken into on the 800 block of West Broad early Friday morning. Owners of Little Red Dog House, Mr. Transmission, Chicken In a Box, and Nativity opened their businesses to find broken glass and stolen property.Michael Chambers co-owner of Little Red Dog House says his parents called him to tell him the business was broken into. He got to his restaurant at about 8:00 a.m. He adds someone in broke in through the drive-thru and stole about $175 in cash.General Manager of Mr. Transmission Dennis Gilbert says they stole about $10 and did about $500 worth of damage by breaking the door. Gilbert adds he's heard from people in the neighborhood that it might be gang related. He adds he's not sure what urged someone to do this but if this was some kind gang initiation he hopes they don't make small businesses a part of it in the future.

      Cedrick Ingram Owner of Chicken In a Box says he received damage to the back door, drive thru window, and cash register. Ingram says whoever broke in only stole about $20.00. He adds it'll cost about $1000 to fix damages to his back door, window and register. Ingram said, "A thousand dollars worth of damage for twenty dollars, that's crazy."

      Nativity had a broken window and shattered glass in the front of their shop.

      The owner of Satex Transmission says his alarm went off but nothing was stolen. He says their alarm always goes off but they have enough security to scare away anyone trying to break in usually. He adds someone will probably try to break in businesses on the 800 block of West Broad again tonight, so he's packing away all his equipment.

      Henry Lewis, a frequenter at Little Red Dog House, says he saw cop cars up and down West Broad this morning. He adds, "I use to live just down the street and back in the day you could walk around freely without a care in the world; today I wouldn't be caught here at night. "