Welcome signs nearing completion

Construction workers are back on the job, preparing the landscaping around a new welcome sign into Albany.

The sign on Newton Road is one of four around the city and is the closest to being completed. Officials hope to have it done next week.

"All of them were supposed to be completed by the 21st of December. We are running just a little bit behind schedule on the completion of all four signs. Probably going to be around the first of the year," said Charles Hutchinson of the Engineering Department for the city of Albany.

Even with the delay local officials are happy with the progress.

But not everyone is a fan. Facebook has been lighting up with criticism of the new project most often its people concerned about the cost to taxpayers.

But most of that money, close to $400,000 dollars is from a grant. The rest of the bill about a third is being picked up with SPLOST funds.

"This money is designated by the Georgia Department of Transportation to be spent on transportation cartas and that money is the only place that you can spend it," said Judy Bowles of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.

One Albany man is actually arguing the opposite, saying the signs don't go far enough. Jason McCoy suggests a digital display, wishing the signs could be used as a promotional tool.

"Most of the people that are going to be looking at the signs are commuters coming here. They know where Albany is. But if you can get them involved in what's going on here and more of our special events, I think you'd get a little bit more added value to it," said Jason McCoy.

"How we look matters and I think this is going to add a lot. The signage is an economic development issue for our community," said Bowles.

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