Wear you seatbelt, it's more than just the law

Police are sending out a warning you've heard before, wear your seatbelts. / Kerri Copello

This past weekend a 20-year-old man died in Colquitt County from a fatal crash.

Police say the man was ejected from the car.

That's why officers are sending out a warning you've heard before.

Wear you seatbelts!

They say the reason is simple: it'll prevent deaths.

Shawn Urquhart with the Georgia State Patrol says, "so when people are thrown out of the vehicle usually the death occurs because the vehicle has landed on them and the vehicle has kept moving in motion so they're either crushed by the vehicle, that's where most of their trama is from."

She adds if the you are ejected, your body will usually travel the same direction as the car, so the car could end up rolling over you.