Way to slash food bills...organics!

Alternatives to pesticides for home gardening. / Jessica Fairley

On Thursday night, homeowners learned different strategies to help fight pests and diseases, all while growing their own fresh foods.

The organic gardening lecture held at the Candy Shop on Pine Ave. focused on cutting out pesticides and relying on other fertilizers to balance crops.

The instructor of the course says composting is also a tactic that many gardeners can use to build their organic base.

"When they are producing vegetables or growing vegetables they should try to grow things that will replenish themselves throughout the year. It will lower food cost and it will also help people who are a little anxious or nervous about where their food is produced," said Dougherty County Extension Agent James Morgan.

He says foods that are known to replenish themselves year round are squash, watermelons, and cucumbers.

Since warmer seasons are around the corner, Thursday's class focused on summer vegetables.