Wave of mosquitoes hit Dougherty County

Environmental control reports receiving 30-40 complaints a day about mosquitoes. / File

Like it or not mosquitoes are beginning to pop up around Southwest Georgia. Residents in Dougherty County have wasted no time in demanding action to fight these pesky insects.

Environmental control reports receiving 30-40 complaints a day about mosquitoes, this prompted them to take swift action.

"We're spraying and we're knocking them down, the adults, and we'll larva side what's in the water, we'll treat what's in the water," said Donnell Mathis, the Environmental Control Manager.

Mathis blames the recent rain for the first wave of mosquitoes, "well you know we got a base of about 18-20 inches of rain which put water in a lot of areas where we have not had water before which created a larger problem then we would normally have this time of the year."

Since they started treating the problem areas officals say they have received a lot less complaints. This is good news when talking about West Nile Virus.

"Last year we had 100 cases some were asymptomatic but 100 cases total, there were six deaths due to West Nile," said Dewayne Tanner SWGA District Environmental Health Director.

While it's hard to predict how prevalent the virus will be this year it's recommended you avoid going outside at dusk or dawn, as those are peak mosquito hours. If you have to go outside cover up with long sleeves and pants and use insect repellant.

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