Watermelons graded a perfect score

Photo Credit: File

Danny's Melon Shed, a local watermelon packinghouse based just outside of the Cordele Farmers Market, is a food safety leader in the produce industry. Specializing in packing, repacking and distributing watermelons in the Southeastern United States, Danny's Melon Shed is proud to be among the highest standards of food safety in the watermelon market.

Yesterday the company received a 100% score on their first Global Food Safety Initiative with HACCP audit that was conducted on May 1, 2013.

"We worked extremely hard to get our facility in compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative standards and incorporated Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP's, as a system for a superior food safety program here at Danny's Melon Shed," said President Danny Wilcher. "We want to be able to give our customers a quality watermelon that meets the highest standard of food safety in the business."

Danny's Melon Shed worked in partnership with ABL Farms, Inc. and Southern Melon Distributors, Inc. based near Atlanta, Georgia to achieve its remarkable audit score.

"ABL Farms, Inc. and Southern Melon Distributors, Inc. have created a food safety mentorship program designed to food safety certify each of the ranches and packinghouses we own or do business with around the country," said Elizabeth Bateman, Director of Food Safety. "It is our goal to become the standard of watermelon food safety."

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