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      Water threat associated with tropical cyclones

      As a part of special coverage of Hurricane Week, we are looking at the impact of inland flooding in Southwest Georgia.

      When it comes to hurricanes, wind isn't the only story; there's storm surge, tornadoes, and maybe the most deadly of all, flooding.

      Over the last six months Southwest Georgia has seen a lot of rain and water tables are running high. If a storm comes in, the flood threat is going to be very high and we need to take precautions for that.

      Some of the worst flooding events happen in the weaker storms that drift slowly or stall over an area.

      Twenty years ago, it happened right here in Albany with Tropical Storm Alberto.

      National Hurricane Center Watch Coordinater Daniel Brown says, "it only takes one hurricane to hit your area for it to be a bad year so you really need to take preparedness very seriously."

      Focus on the hazards that occur and know that each storm is different. Be prepared this hurricane season.