Water not flowing so freely

Conserving water in Southwest Georgia. / Matt Prichard

The southwest Georgia community is experiencing one of its worst droughts in history, and water gas and light is asking all customers to crack down on their water usage.

"You can water living things, your grass, your flowers, any day but it must be after 4:00 pm, and before 10:00 am in the morning," said Assistant GM of Water, Gas and Light, Lorie Farkas.

Customers have to be even more careful when it comes to washing their cars. The district is on the "odd-even system" which allows odd numbered houses to wash their cars on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with even numbered addresses washing on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Fines can jump up quickly also, ranging from $250 dollars to $450 dollars, however Farkas says they've never had a repeat offender.

"In all the years we've had restrictions, we've not had anybody that needed to be contacted a second time, but should they reoffend, they could face a $250.00 fine, and their water would be shut off until they paid it," said Farkas.

After 10-years of restrictions, Farkas says there's really only one reason that can explain why they've never had a repeat offender.

"We've just never in all the years had anybody reoffend, because it's embarrassing, when someone shows up at your house and says you're watering when you're not supposed to," said Farkas.

Farkas says the most common way they find water offenders is through members of the community calling and reporting it. Water gas and light officials say if you see any home using water inappropriately, you're encouraged to call and report them.

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