Warwick Police Chief says K-9 tried to escape

Sasha in a picture courtesy of WorthIt2U.Net / WorthIt2U.Net

A report filed by Warwick Police Department Chief David Morris confirmed the details regarding a Police K-9, named "Sasha's" recent death.

According to Lieutenant Thomas Frye, he had left for the weekend and Sasha somehow found her way into the vehicle. Chief Morris inspected the patrol car in which they found evidence that the dog had tried to escape. Claw marks lined the sides of the interior, along with dents on the inside of the doors in an attempt to break free.

Sasha was found in the backseat covered in flies, with signs that she had been trapped for several days.

The Georgia Humane Society has attempted to obtain an inspection warrant request, however the judge presiding over the investigation has denied that request.

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